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Hope For Jayden
Hope For Jayden

A few days ago my little boy fell resulting in a bump to his head, and due to becoming unsteady on his feet, he was taken to hospital. They performed a CT Scan where unfortunately they found something. Jayden was immediately rushed to Southampton Children’s Hospital where the top Neuro Brain Specialists did an MRI Scan.

Now, I must state at this point that up and till his fall, he had NO Symptoms what so ever which is why this has been such a devastating shock to both me and his mum.
The results came back, and unfortunately the Neuro Surgeons and Specialists believe they are 80-90% certain that’s it’s a Tumour. The hospital will be deciding tomorrow if a Biopsy is needed to confirm this, and they believe the panel with all favour doing the procedure.
If the results come back saying its a Tumour then Jayden has an average of 1 year to live. We are hoping For a miracle. He’s 4 Years Old



54 thoughts on “HOPE FOR JAYDEN

  1. Ron Stanley

    I would give my blood for Jayden but due to an illness I had a few years ago I can no longer donate but my hope and my prayers are with you. I am too praying for a miracle for your lovely little boy. god bless you and your family especially little Jayden. .

  2. Helen Miller

    Oh my I can’t believe this has happened to your little boy. Mike I we t to colleague with you BCOT 1998/1999 & in March 2012 you came to my home and took pictures of me and my 3 children. I thought I recognised you then but could think where from.
    I have 4 children 10,7,2&1 I can only imagine what your going through. Willing to help any way I can. I will pray for Jayden and keep you in my thoughts.

  3. Jodie

    I hope that if it is a tumour it is benign, your little boy will receive the best care in the world at SGH (I work in the adult Oncology dept) and I know how amazing the Neurology dept guys are! I will keep your little boy in my thoughts and hope that you get the best result if they biopsy xx

  4. Martyn

    I’m not a believer in god/gods but I do believe in hope and I believe your son will win this fight and go on to do great things. My hope, prays (not to god but to you all) are with you now.

  5. Amanda

    Just saw this on Derren Browns Facebook. So sad. I am hoping for the best for you, I understand how you must feel as a mother of 3 myself and also pregnant with a little boy whom I found out 3 weeks ago has a major heart defect, still waiting for results of an amnio any day now to see if he has anything else wrong. Hoping that he hasn’t then his chance of survival may be better.. I’m sending my best wishes to you also because I know I’m not the only parent dealing with devastating news and I know how helpless you must feel. We can only TRY to think positive, that’s the only thing we can do in these situations.. You are in good hands anyway, I used to live in Southampton their hospital/health service is excellent xxx

  6. Jo Dyer

    So sad I work with children just hoping he may get better, it made me cry when I read this. All my best wishes to you and your family.

  7. emma pink

    Such sad news. Praying for a miracle for you guys. Love and light to you all and sending healing for your little boy. Emma

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  9. Angelique Berendse

    It’s the worst nightmare a parent can get. I’m a mother of ten and i can’t even imagine the pain, anger and distroyment of the whole situation. All my feelings are white youre family and the sweet and handsome litle boy.

    Much hope from my family to yours.
    Angelique, the Netherlands

  10. Anna

    Southampton is the best possible place in the country.
    Southampton neurologists and prayers helped my relative pull through from very dark days and am praying for you all xx ps smile4wessex might be helpful x

  11. Charlie

    I just seen this on Twitter my heart sunk reading this my prayers are with you all I can’t stop thinking about use now must be so hard hope your okay Hayden your a fighter

  12. I have a little boy who is 4 is les than a month.i can’t imagine what it must be like but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  13. Emily

    My mum had a brain tumour and like Jayden she showed no symptoms until she started having seizures. I know how tough this is. Southampton hospital are incredible – without them my mum wouldn’t be here today! Praying for you all x

  14. chenade

    I will pray for your beautiful little boy this is so sad to hear he’s so young and all because of a fall….I hope to God there’s a mirical and this little boy will live a great life that he deserves angels will be watching down on him good luck baby xxxxxx

  15. emma

    Nothing can ever describe the pain you & your family must be going through. I do believe that he will pull through this terrible ordeal & fight hard for the life he deserves with his family that love him to the moon & back. My thoughts are with you at this awful time & I truly hope that the results are what you are looking for xxxx

  16. Kirsty

    I work with William hill bookmakers and I organise fundraising that William hill as a company will match up to £500 so if I can make £500 they will give me another £500 I would like to help make one of your little boys dreams come true, I have a little brother with dushannes muscular distrophy and I know how it feels to be given a deadline on life! I would really like to help please email me at kirsty_white6@hotmail.com I will pray for your stunning little boy and will do my up most to help make his dreams come true xxx

    1. Hi Kirsty, thank you so much for you support. We have a Just Giving page which anyone can donate to. Details will be posted on the Hope For Jayden Facebook support page.
      Thank you 🙂

  17. Lee C. Wollitz

    We all hope everything turns out well and we will pray for you. Will Reid worked with me at Disney and let us know about your problem. May God Bless and keep you and may he get Jaden well and healthy. Lee

    1. Thank you Lee. Yeh Will and Sandra mentioned you, we’re trying to organise a trip with the 4 of us to come to Disneyland. The support here has been simply incredible. Thanks for your kind words. If we manage to come out we will let you know and come say hi 🙂

  18. katie

    I have a son and I cant imagine what pain you are all going through. My work each month chooses a charity to raise money….I would like october to be a month for Jayden.

  19. Tyler

    As a father of a 2 year old boy, all I can do is commend this father for his efforts. It would be too easy for a parent to learn about the illness and fall into depression. What this father did is SO selfless and heartwarming! Thoughts, prayers and energy all go out to this beautiful family; a father and his son.

  20. hope and faith

    Who are you to be talking this negative to them their son is sick and they are Finding ways to help him. I dont feel anger towards people like you just pity you felt so low and jelous that you had to come on a support page to bash someone shame on you 😡👎

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  22. Hi Mike, all our thoughts from my family to your family and especially your son. What is happening is terrible…Is there anything we can really do to help your son???
    Best regards,

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  24. Haruna

    Im from Uruguay I just read this and started to cry, I best wishes for your son I will pray for him Please let us know if we can help with something else. I felt very moved by this please have hope on that he its going to get better, God wont let him down.

  25. Chris Pierre

    I saw your story on #rightthisminute and instantly bursted into tears! I would like to know how I can help contribute to little Jayden other than my prayers (but do not know how) ! I hope all the best for him! God Bless your precious little man and family!

  26. Lorena

    I can’t believe it. It’s horrible. I have a son and he’s almost 5. I hope your son win his illness. Apologies for my English. I’m from Spain and I haven’t a higher level in English.

    Best wishes from Spain.

  27. Sandra

    Sorry for my english… I’m French but I just had to say: Jayden looks to be a so gentle little boy, and so courageous!!!
    Courage Jayden! A miracle is always possible… At 5 years old, everything should be possible… You should realize your dreams because at 5, everything is magic!!!
    Big kisses to Jayden… And Happy Birthday!!!

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