Free Running Launch for Audi A3 Quattro – India Auto Expo

Mike Wilson and the 3RUN Team travelled to Dehli, India to help launch the brand new Audi A3 Quattro Sedan Sport in true 3RUN style. With 2 mins of pure Free Running Action, showcasing all the cars on stage building up to the big reveal of the new Audi A3.

Free Runner Mike Wilson at Audi Auto Expo in India

We arrived at our pimped out hotel on Tuesday Morning, not expecting it to be a Crown Plaza, with all the Top Hotel trimmings. Audi really did make us feel welcome during our time here, catering for our every need to ensure the performance and reveal went smoothly and to plan, working along side the Production Team to get the job done how the client visioned it. Rehearsals began Tuesday and finished Wednesday Morning ready for showtime at 5:30pm that evening. So naturally we all used the 5-6 hours of free time, to our advantage. By heading up to the rooftop for some training and to get some crazy pics.

Professional Free Runner and Parkour Athlete - Mike Wilson of 3RUN

The rooftop was almost the perfect training spot. Everywhere you went you either had to jump or climb so naturally we filmed some cool Free Running sequences as a team for our video were currently editing for the 3RUNTUBE. All shall be revealed in the coming weeks when its online.

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Keep training hard,
Mike Wilson 3run


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