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3RUN 720 Volts in Production

Good times right now for the team as the official pictures of the new 3run 720 Volt Free Running Trainers are released.

The trainer itself has been massively improved in every way from the sole to the weight. The grip was obviously another key area we focused on as we needed a trainer that coped with a number of different surfaces. The sole is also vitally important when designing a Freerunning Trainer as the right cushioning to reduce impact on the joints prevents the injury of the Athlete. We’re very excited to have these amazing training shoes available soon to buy from the 3run Shop – http://www.3run.co.uk/shop

We’ve taken all the comments and thoughts from all our followers over the last few years about the 360 volts, and worked our magic in developing the best trainer possible for Freerunning. There going to be a couple of colour options as well including the one in the pic below.

3RUn 720 Volt Freerunning Trainers
3RUn 720 Volt Freerunning Trainers

The official release date of the shoes will be in the next 2 months as they are currently in production. You can expect a few more pictures being uploaded to the 3run Facebook over the coming weeks.

Let us know you thoughts on how they look.

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